Haunted House Haunting Event 2016

2016 – Haunted House Haunting Event We reverted back to the standard haunted house theme for ’16. This featured the DVD portraits, crackers, and lunging female spirit. This was a good turnout for this year, but 2015 numbers could not be beaten. We also featured a clown with a chainsaw character that really worked well! […]

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Little Buds Haunting Event 2015

2015 – Little Buds Haunting Event This years haunt was for Little Buds at Darent Valley. The theme was for a horror themed hospital. We had mad dentist victims, and mad man prop, and electric crackers. We also used more Halloween DVD effects, such as cockroaches and ghost effects. This year Saturday fell on Halloween […]

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Charity Haunting Event 2014

2014 – Charity Haunting Event Another charity haunt, but we incorporated some props in. John Doe raising corpse, zombie character, and hanging clown figure. This was designed on the same pallet base. We also used Atomsfear DVD effects. This was for a demonic fireplace, and three moving portraits! We also had a zombie horde projected […]

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