A new dread has come to [location to be announce] There is a house where the dead and the dangerous hold sway, dare you walk the corridors? Will you survive? Not only are there blood thirsty maniacs, grisly ghouls and fearsome spectres, but also a mad clown or two… the house where no one rests in peace!

Description of event

You enter a house where the dead walk, and evil holds sway. To walk through the corridors involves being watched by long dead eyes, and nothing good has ever, or will ever exist, or will it survive…

Will you journey through these hallways, knowing that your every step is being watched, every breathe is heard, and every evil thing that dwells there wants to grab, slice and devour you?

Blood thirsty ghouls, evil spirits, demonic dolls and cannibalistic madmen all await you! There may also be the odd possessed clown wandering through the dark…

Night terrors will have you checking your wardrobe, looking under your bed, and dreading the dark!
It is the house where no one rest in peace.

Event Content

Projection set up/ mannequin room/Portraits (both drop panel and DVD pics)/Hanging sheet room with smoke machine/Body Bag room/Cockroach room/Haunted toy room/foam tubes hanging from the ceiling/

Projection set-up- We use the doorway projection
Portraits corridor- We use real spooky pictures, drop panel and the moving portraits DVD

Hanging sheets- A washroom set up- hanging clothes and sheets mask the fact that you are not alone in that room!

Body Bag room- Severed human and animal body parts hanging and a nutter with a chainsaw?

Cockroach room- A mouldy body coated in cockroaches. That is a distraction for a scare from the ceiling?

Haunted toy room-ripped teddies, dollies and a ventriloquist dummy who has a big brother! Three is also a living female doll character

Foam tubes room with a pop up actor. Combine with flashing lights and fog?

Mannequin room- six dummies dressed the same, but also two actors mingled in. Eight characters in one room. Flashing lights and loud music

Mortuary- Body bags, one has an actor in it! Mouldy mummy prop in a spooky room

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